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Fall 2021 Season Update

For Fall 2021 Season - we hope to hold Hitting Clinic Sessions

We so miss everyone, and we were hoping to play some ball this season!  But, nearly 18 months after the pandemic's arrival stateside, the Delta variant and evolving vaccine requirements has prompted us to rethink how our health and safety plan would work within a full season.  And we sincerely do not think we would be able to keep everyone safe with our regular full game format!

Please Fill this Survey Out to help us with our Fall Plan:

We still want to “play.”  We hope to be holding Fall Hitting“ sessions”.  The DFW Miracle League had great success with this format in the spring. 

  • We would possibly have at least two sessions a weekday evening and/or Saturday morning. 

  • Players will sign up individually, not as a team. 

  • We would allow registrations on a first come, first serve basis

  • and a player can only sign up for one clinic at a time.  We want to allow all those who want to participate the opportunity to do so. 

  • Depending on the popularity (and the COVID situation) we would add more sessions every few weeks. 

  • Each game could have up to 12 players – six in each dugout. 

  • We will allow each player to come to bat – 5/6 swings/hits each time. 

  • We will have a catcher disinfecting each bat as used. 

  • We will not use gloves. 

  • Our Pitcher will be there for each child. 

  • We will have 3 – 4 volunteer outfielders (not players – the other players are in their dugout) as well as a PA person. 

  • if your player needs assistance to bat – we will need one adult “player” family member to help that child.  

  • Each player will get a special tee shirt but there will be no fee for the fun. 

  • And our buddies – although not able to do their typical duties, will be able to cheer from the stands, help with disinfecting etc.! 

Before we get this going - we need your help – please fill out the survey below (by 9/10/21) so we can get a better idea if this will be something our ML family will be interested in!  We are excited to hear from you!