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Fall 2021 Season Update


Fall 2021 Season


We wish we could be back on the field with regular games, fans and buddies but Covid is preventing us from doing that safely!  So we are trying this - to allow us to have some fun and smiles.

Here are some of the basics:

  • We will have 5-6 players per dug-out, socially distanced apart.  
  • Each player gets 3 - 5 hits at-bat (coach pitch or tee).
  • After the third- fifth hit the player runs the bases then goes back to the dug-out.
  • The only people on the field are the pitcher, catcher, and 3 outfield people to shag balls. 
  • Currently each player will get to sign up for only one session.  We will open it up if we have room but we want to ensure everyone has a chance first!
  • There is no fee
  • Each player will get a tee-shirt!

We will make it fun by having an announcer.  As you register, we will ask your player's nickname and a few other fun facts about your player that we will try to announce as he/she bats.  We hope to get 4-5 rounds in one (1) hour and we hope that the players will love just being on the field with other players. There is no one other than the five (5) people mentioned on the field. 

If the player needs assistance, we will ask one ADULT family member to assist him while batting and running bases.

Buddies - If you register, we will ask that you be at the field 15 minutes before session start time.  And altho you will not be on the field, we will ask that you help to announce or be in the stand to cheer these players on!

Coaches - We would love your help at a session to help us on the field!

While we know most of our Adult volunteers have been vaccinated, we do not know about All. So we will require that Everyone on the Field to wear a mask! Altho we do understand, some players may not be able to!