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What Is Miracle League?

MIRACLE LEAGUE – What It Is & What It Is Not

  • Baseball league for kids between the ages of 4 and 19 that do not fit into “regular” recreational leagues.
  • Games are 2 innings, lasting no more than 1 hour,  7  games per season (fall & spring).
  • All players are encouraged bat and score each inning. 
  • There are no outs and no score is kept.
  • No more than 15 players/team, consisting of males and females and with a variety of ability levels and ages.
  • Games played on weekends and your team's time will vary week to week.
  • No practices, during the week.  Players may come up to 30 minutes prior to the actual game, for warmup.
  • No special equipment needed, though you are welcome to bring your own bat and glove.
  • Uniform shirts and hats will be provided each year, as needed
  • Players will be paired with a “Buddy” to assist them on the field as well as at bat.  These Buddies may or may not be the same each week.
  • Buddies will protect the players at all times and give only the amount of assistance needed so that the player can be as independent on the field as possible.
  • Each team will have at least one adult coach, plus there will always be multiple other Miracle League Adult Volunteers and Board Bembers present at each game and on the field.
  • Parents of players are encouraged to communicate the needs and any special instructions for their child to the Miracle League staff and the Buddies.
  • The Miracle League is free to players and parents. Donations are encouraged to help with the cost of providing the opportunities of our program.